Recreational Marijuana 

 The main distinction between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana is the potency and the concentration of THC and CBD, the two most active ingredients in recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana is typically much higher in THC than the therapeutic CBD. Medical marijuana is typically lower in THC but often contains CBD that acts as a defense mechanism against marijuana's euphoric effects. 

Medical marijuana has its pros and cons; however, it is safer than the alternative of using recreational drugs. Medical marijuana is not addictive and does not produce withdrawal symptoms such as cravings or nausea when used excessively. Recreational cannabis is not regulated by the federal government, which means it is not subject to the same safety standards as other drugs. Recreational cannabis does not have the same health benefits that medical marijuana does and is not recommended for long-term use. Medical marijuana is highly potent, meaning that the amount of THC that can be ingested without creating harmful side effects is very small. 

Recreational cannabis can be bought legally at many stores or online Cannabis dispensary. Many states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes and medical marijuana is available in different forms. Recreational cannabis generally contains more than half a pound of cannabis per one-ounce volume. Although some strains contain a little more than others, the potency of recreational cannabis is significantly lower than the potency of the medicinal form. However, because it is legal in so many states, some recreational cannabis users to buy marijuana from other states to supplement their medicine. Medical marijuana is not readily available to buy in bulk, so it is difficult to get the highest amounts of cannabis available. Some companies have begun producing strains that contain less than 1% of THC, which is also known as dank. 

People have begun to grow marijuana outdoors and there are growing industries devoted to cultivating medical marijuana, because there is a demand. Because marijuana is not regulated, people have the freedom to grow their own marijuana, however, there is a large price markup associated with this activity and this may push up the cost of pot. Many people also buy medical marijuana in bulk, which allows them to get the medication at a reduced rate. The government does not regulate the sale of medical marijuana and does not have a control over how much pot can be produced or sold in a given area. In fact, many areas of California have laws which limit the amount of marijuana that can be sold in certain parts of the state, since it is considered a controlled substance. Discover more facts about cannabis at 

Recreational cannabis does have some advantages over medical marijuana. The most obvious advantage is that it is cheaper, however, the biggest disadvantage is that there is no regulation on potency. Medical marijuana comes from growers who have gone to great lengths to obtain the specific strain of marijuana that they have created. This creates a unique variety and it becomes difficult to duplicate. Recreational cannabis does not come from a limited number of cultivators and each cultivator will have his or her own unique product. When buying marijuana from a single dealer, you may be able to get a different kind of weed than what you would get if you bought from a grower. Be sure to click here for more info! 

Medical marijuana is available in pill form, spray form, oil and a variety of liquids that are inhaled. These products are only legal in certain states. There is also some debate over whether or not inhalation poses any health risks. The main advantage to inhalation is that the drug doesn't need to be smoked, which means that it doesn't produce any of the undesirable side effects of smoking that come from burning the plant. This method of using medical marijuana is safer than smoking because it doesn't leave a mess behind in the lungs. There are also more than one thousand kinds of strains of marijuana available and you should ask your doctor before taking any type of recreational medication.